Orthopaedic nursing, like all aspects of nursing, requires skill and dedication. NZONA seeks to assist and support nurses working in this field by furthering knowledge and skills required to provide the care our patients require and deserve.

So welcome to our new website. We are happy to make this available and welcome your input as to what should be on the website. We hope to load any research being done or completed that is relevant to our nursing speciality.

Orthopaedic nursing offers an opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives, to assist in making their lives better than previously. This is seen with elective surgery, improving the quality of life from the pain of arthritis to being pain free. We also have the opportunity to assist those who are injured be restored to functioning in the community.

Orthopaedic nursing contributes successfully to the healthcare community.

NZONA offers the orthopaedic nurse an opportunity to network with organisations around the world as part of our link to ANZONA.

ANZONA offers a conference every two years with input from all Australian state organisations and NZONA. The next conference is in October 2020 and will be hosted by SOAN in Adelaide.

New Zealand will be hosting in Christchurch in 2022. We look forward to hosting a conference in Christchurch, a city restored.

NZONA regularly offers education mornings and details of these are usually posted on our Facebook page.

Finally, because we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously,