About Us

What is NZONA?

New Zealand Orthopaedic Nurses Association (NZONA) is an organisation of concerned nurses and other health professionals who are involved in the field of orthopaedics.

Our Philosophy

The association believes that nurses who provide care to individuals with neuromuscular and skeletal disorders require a specific body of knowledge to deliver the highest standard of care, within the unique cultural context of New Zealand society.

We believe that this knowledge is acquired, maintained and advanced through basic knowledge, continuing education, standardisation of processes, sharing of information, practice and research.


Our organisation consists of three executive positions and representatives of the North and South Islands. Click here to view our committee members.


If you’d like to join the association. Click the button below and fill out the membership application form. If you have any questions before applying, feel free to use our contact form here.


  • To promote the professional body of Orthopaedic Nursing and knowledge in NZ.
  • To collaborate with Australasian/Pacific Partners and link with Orthopaedic Nursing Professional globally.
  • To develop sub specialty sections under the NZONA scope e.g. Casting, Spinal Care, Paediatrics, Trauma,
  • Elective Orthopaedic Nursing, to develop best practice frameworks.
  • Standardise Best Practice on key Orthopaedic Nursing activities e.g. pin site care, spinal care, casting.
  • Orthopaedic Nursing skill competencies will be recognised nationally and transferable under Nursing Council
  • Requirements between professional institutions.
  • To have a political voice to support and advocate on significant issues relating to Orthopaedic nursing and patient care.
  • To promote NZ Orthopaedic Nursing Research and support/encourage colleagues to move to publication.


The objectives of the Association are to:

  1. To advance the professional profile of orthopaedic nursing.
  2. To facilitate the sharing of knowledge and support for nurses in the care of orthopaedic patients.
  3. To establish identification as a unique group with a specific body of knowledge.
  4. To promote the highest standard of practice in orthopaedic nursing.
  5. To foster professional growth of the membership in the practice of orthopaedic nursing.
  6. To communicate openly and effectively within the Association and with other individuals and groups.
  7. To promote nursing research related to orthopaedics.
  8. To promote the active involvement of the membership in health promotion and disease prevention activities as
  9. appropriate to orthopaedic nursing.
  10. To be recognised nationally and internationally.
  11. To have a voice in the political arena.


  • Annual AGM held in July.
  • Monthly teleconferences with members in both the North and South Island.
  • Regional NZONA Meetings – four times a year.
  • Bimonthly Breaking News releases notification by email to all members.

Regional Group Networking

  • Bi-monthly meetings to be regionally set up.
  • Includes recruiting new Orthopaedic members.
  • Local activities.
  • Conference updates, planning and participation.
  • Representative feedback to NZONA executive committee.
  • Opportunity for out of region Orthopaedic nurses to attend education by advertising through “Breaking News and website” up coming regional education presentations.
  • Feedback on ANZONA and NZONA business.